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A Little More About Blackstone Business Group

About Us

We understand that an increasing number of employers feel that they have few rights, some even let us know that they feel like a stranger in their own business, having to walk on eggshells around their staff.


Legislative change and changing market conditions can oftentimes leave employers dazed, confused and stressed. At Blackstone, we are committed to making compliance simple and giving you the freedom to focus on running the parts of your business that you love and leaving the parts that you least prefer to us.


We have solutions that are both hands-on or DIY. We cater to all business types, industries and budgets. 

From single employment contracts and policies right through to advice and training Blackstone HR are there for you and your business. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you maximise staff performance and increase your profits. We know that clients each face their own set of unique challenges, therefore, we approach each new engagement with the intent to gather specific information so that we can devise a tailored strategy and solution for your business.


Our Vision

The vision of Blackstone is to provide Australian Employers with an advanced HR and Workplace Health & Safety resource that you can call your own no matter how large or small your business, company or organization may be.

As experts in the field of workplace culture, employee behaviours, Human Resources and WHS strategy, Blackstone Business Group will prove itself to be a valuable partner to your business.


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2021 Fair Work Statistics


Fair Work Applications Lodged


Hearings and Conferences


Orders and Decisions

Each year Fair Work Australia deals with around 30,000 cases a number of which are unfair dismissals.

​Our goal is to work with employers to provide clarity and guidance surrounding the correct due process. Our team is on hand to offer best practice advice to employers wanting to navigate the complex world of employee management.

​We can assist with:

  • Unfair dismissal preparation

  • Adverse action or General Protections claim response 

  • Performance management

  • Termination and dismissal

  • Warning letters

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Compliance

  • Workplace investigations

  • Mediation guidance

  • Disciplinary meetings

  • Pay rates

  • Behaviour management 

  • Fair work advice 

  • Award interpretation

  • Award identification

  • Award classification

We offer our services on either a fee-for-service basis or a month-to-month no lock-in unlimited HR advice service.

Contact one of our team for a special offer on our Human Resources and or Workplace Health & Safety Packages


This includes:

  • A workplace investigation meeting;

  • Tailored employment contracts;

  • HR handbook and policies

  • Workplace health & safety manual;

  • Employee induction form

  • A suite of HR forms 

  • A suite of WHS forms 

  • A suite of disciplinary & warning letters; and

  • On-site implementation meeting with your consultant.

At Blackstone, we are committed to offering tailored solutions to our clients.

We offer our clients a one stop shop for all of their workplace growth and compliance needs.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


You can trust us to always give you straight answers in your best interest.


We deliver on our promises and deadlines. When you need results we are there to deliver.


With thousands of clients, we bring vast amounts of knowledge to our relationship.


We are committed to delivering outstanding results and deliverables to our clients.


We treat your business as though it was our own.

We Work With the Very Best

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