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At Blackstone, we offer tailored services to every market segment and industry within Australia.  Below are some of the key industries that we are proud to work with.  Contact us today for a complimentary discussion about your specific needs.

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Earthmoving and Construction

As one of Australia's leading HR and WHS providers to the Earthmoving and Civil industry, Blackstone offer tailored employment contracts, SWMS (safe work method statements), policies and Workplace Health and Safety systems that are easy to use for employers and employees. We handle everything from end to end including implementation.

Aboriginal & Islander Organisations / NGOs

Blackstone works with a number of NGOs and NFP organisations. Our talented advisors understand key cultural issues and are equipped to navigate the most complex situations. We offer employment contracts and policies designed with your organisations' specific requirements in mind.

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Trades and Services 

Let us allow you to focus on what it is that you do best whilst we establish strong foundations in your business to help mitigate your risk and protect your business interests. Whether you need employment contracts or policies to outline expectations, process and consequences, Blackstone are experts in tailoring your specific HR and WHS needs.

Allied Health & Dental

Blackstone are the experts in assisting employers to navigate the Health Professionals and Support Services and Nurses Awards. Whether our clients require specialist advice or bespoke documentation such as policies or employment contracts, we have a solution for your practice.

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Childcare and Early Learning

Managing the Human Resource and Workplace Health & Safety element in any childcare service business can be complex and challenging. Each employer is unique with its specific challenges and goals. At Blackstone, we are able to take much of the stress away from our clients in this industry. We do this by providing strong written foundations and straightforward advice so that our clients are always equipped to make the best decisions.

Hair and Beauty

The Hair and Beauty industry is an industry in which a number of employers express frustration when their employees leave and open a business in opposition against them. We strive to ensure that our clients do everything that they can to protect their reasonable business interests and build a workplace that they enjoy visiting each and every day. 

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