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Your Business is Our Passion


Our Approach

At Blackstone, we are committed to offering tailored solutions to our clients.

We offer our clients a one-stop-shop for all of your workplace growth and compliance needs.

Our goal is to help you maximise staff performance and increase your profits.

We know that clients each face their own set of unique challenges, therefore, we approach each new engagement with the intent to gather specific information so that we can devise a tailored strategy and solution for your business.


Our Story

Blackstone was founded to revolutionise the workplace relations industry in Australia. The goal of the team at Blackstone is to cut through the obscurity in the marketplace and offer the most premium business development and employee management services at an affordable rate for all clients.


When it comes to putting in place documentation or dealing with employee issues people tend to be either “PROACTIVE” or “REACTIVE.” Quite often people are the latter. Because of this reactive approach Employers, usually, seek help only once there is a problem.

Unfortunately, if you have not followed the correct processes in line with Fairwork legislation large amounts of damage can already have been done. This is why at Blackstone our focus is to make setting up the systems to help protect your business a painless and stress-free experience. At Blackstone, you can now afford to be “PROACTIVE.”

Our Vision

The vision of Blackstone is to provide an advanced HR and MANAGEMENT resource that you can call YOUR own no matter how large or small your business, company or organization may be.

As experts in the field of workplace culture, employee behaviours, Human Resources and WHS strategy, BLACKSTONE will prove itself to be a valuable complement to your operation.



To maximize staff performance and productivity it is of utmost importance to have comprehensive and concise paperwork in place.


The Blackstone team are experts in Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety Systems.


Our expert team are equipped to offer your business tailored employment contracts and HR and WHS policies.


We like to get hands-on in the HR process with our clients.


Contact us to speak with one of our consultants for a complimentary review of your workplace documentation.


Each year Fairwork deals with around 30,000 cases a number of which are unfair dismissals.


Our goal is to work with employers to provide clarity and guidance surrounding the correct due process. Our team is on hand to offer best practice advice to employers wanting to navigate the complex world of employee management.


We can assist with:


  • Performance management

  • Termination and dismissal

  • Warning Letters

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Compliance

  • Workplace investigations


Employers and Directors have a duty of care to take reasonable steps to eliminate bullying, harassment and, violence in the workplace.


Business owners, directors, managers, team leaders and, supervisors have a responsibility to ensure that relevant legislation and company policies and procedures are both understood and abided by to deter and prevent inappropriate workplace behaviours.


At Blackstone, we are dedicated to making sure that the employers that we partner with have access to the most up to date training specific to their unique organisational requirements.



310 Edward Street

Brisbane City, QLD 4000

07 3392 6145



The Blackstone team has an outstanding wealth of knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm for customer service. They have given us the knowledge and resources to make sure our HR and WHS policies are bulletproof and stay that way as we make our expansion in 2018.

Russel Leadbetter, General Manager - Attire FX