Who is Blackstone looking to partner with?

Our ideal partnership is with accountants, bookkeepers and business advisors throughout Australia.

Why would Accountants, Bookkeepers and Business Advisors seek partnership with Blackstone?

The first reason is that partnership cost nothing and is a huge value ad to our partner's client base.


Advisors, accountants and bookkeepers are held in high esteem by the businesses that they service and as such they are usually the first call point when the client needs guidance or assistance with an employee matter or to source compliance systems. 

When this happens, it can often put the accountant or bookkeeper in a position where they are unable to offer advice and this is the time that the client is steered in the direction of fair work who are reluctant to give a straight answer. We saw this scenario as a way to offer accountants, bookkeepers and business advisors a huge value add to themselves and their clients with the Blackstone Partner program.

What is the Blackstone Partner Program?

The Blackstone partner program is complimentary for accountants, bookkeepers and advisors it gives them the ability to contact us with any questions that their clients may have and we will advise them on a complimentary basis so that they can take back a clear and straight answer to their client.


We know that clients get frustrated with grey areas and obscure answers so we make sure that such frustrations are a thing of the past. If a partner wanted us to engage directly with their client we also do this on a complimentary basis.

Why do you offer this service on a complementary basis?

Blackstone was built on referrals and satisfied customers, we believe that you have to give to get back and all we ask is that once we have built rapport we would be front of mind when a client needed contracts, HR or WHS services or systems in their business.