What do you love most about your job?

We thrive on giving employers back peace of mind when managing staff. All too many times employers feel like the system is against them and that they have fewer rights day by day, we balance the system and treat our clients business like it is our own.

What inspired the founding of Blackstone?

Looking at the HR market place it was evident that employers were either Proactive or Reactive, all too many times they were reactive, seeking HR assistance when facing a fair work claim, employee issue or the need for contracts and policies due to a recent incident or client request. 

This reactive approach meant that a number of employers were forced to pay huge cost or sign up to HR providers for unfair amounts of time with many signing up to 5 year contracts finding out that they were only given templates and the support was not there when they needed it the most. 

The founders of Blackstone didn't think that this was ethical and they believed and still do believe that HR and WHS compliance and support should be affordable enough that employers can be Proactive resulting in peace of mind and mitigating risk before it happens.

Why should you choose Blackstone?

We guarantee that we will treat each business like it is our own, we will give clients straight answers rather than tiptoe around grey areas in legislation as an excuse for not providing you the answers that you need. 

We are versatile and responsive giving you answers when you need them as we know that each second counts when dealing with HR and Safety concerns.

Can you provide your services online or remotely?

Yes, our team of experts is fully equipped to handle your HR matters, with over 3000 active clients throughout Australia we offer advice services via the telephone, teleconference or Zoom.